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Material: Distress Stainless Steel
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LautieEDC Bit-04 Fidget Spinner, Bit Series

About the BIT04

  • Lightweight design: With its lightweight design, the Bit-04 offers a comfortable grip.
  • Unique bionic pupil design: Inspired by intelligent organs in science fiction, our minimalist lines express a futuristic vision for technology, giving the Bit-04 a futuristic look.
  • Bit-04 has 4 grooves for installing tritium gas tubes. Adding up to 4 tritium gas tubes will give the Bit-04 a beautiful glowing effect.
  • Middle-Layer Hollow Design: The middle-layer hollow design reduces the weight of the Bit-04, making it more lightweight. The elegant circular lines also give the Bit-04 a more sophisticated look. When combined with the tritium gas tube, it creates a stunning light effect when rotating at high speeds.
  • Stable spin: The Bit-04 is able to spin steadily for at least 2 minutes or more, thanks to its lightweight and excellent bearing. It is a fantastic experience to watch this elegant gyroscope spin quietly on your fingers.



42.5mm x 33mm x 13mm


Stainless Steel: 54g
Brass: 57g
Zirconium: 45g