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Material: Distress Stainless Steel
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LautieEDC Bit-03 Fidget Spinner Bit Series

About the BIT03

  • Lightweight Design: Benefiting from the lightweight design of this fidget spinner, it could give you a comfortable hand feeling when it is spinning.
  • Stable Spin: The surfaces of Bit-03 are designed with large curved concave grooves. They can help for balancing the fidget spinner when it is spinning. The more stable spinning, the more comfortable for playing.
  • Edges: Bit-03 has three straight edges, and they have been well-polished. It means you can easily focus your power on the sides of Bit-03 for the hard push to spin it with a comfortable hand feeling.
  • DIY: There are three grooves for three 0.2-inch tiny balls on Bit-03; this increases the possibility for DIY. You can feel the balls hitting each other at a low-speed spinning and hear the fantastic sound of the balls slapping each other. This is a double enjoyment of visual and hand feeling.
  • Appearance: To make Bit-03 look vintage, every surface has been well-polished. The texture feels pretty smooth and looks delicate. Although Bit-03 looks simple, every corner of it is well-handled.



Φ40.3mm x 12.8mm


Stainless Steel: 66.6g
Brass: 69.5g