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Material: Stainless Steel
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LautieEDC Bit-01, Fidget Spinner, Bit Series

About the BIT01

  • The pioneering work of the Bit family: A brand new post-modern and high-tech style fidget spinner brought by the mechanical design engineer Niko. New series, new experience!
  • Stable two-leaf fidget spinner: Thanks to its well-balanced weight design, the rotation stability of Bit-01 is better than that of most two-leaf fidget spinners.
  • Smooth and rounded design: The body of Bit-01 is cut and shaped in one piece by advanced CNC lathes, without too many edges and corners, which gives it a beautiful and rounded design.
  • Delicate surface: Multi-layered hand-polishing techniques are used to create different glosses on the different surfaces of Bit-09.
  • Miniature and portable: The compact and small design is suitable for carrying around, perfectly interpreting the essence of EDC items.



40.8mm x 31.1mm x 12.8mm


Stainless Steel: 71g
Brass: 73g
Titanium Blue: 43g