Biscuit Slider

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Material: Blasted Stainless Steel
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Biscuit Slider, design for Clown Orange

About the Biscuit Slider

  • Biscuit Slider is designed by Clown Orange.The appearance of it is like a sandwich biscuit,looks appetising,hence for the name.
  • Three-layer limit beads slider.Create strong clicks.Really achieve a sense of click.
  • It Matches 12-6*2mm N52 strong magnets so has strong magnet force,normal play will not disintegrate.
  • When you push it,it has strong and clear feedback.When push it back,it brings you a jelly-like hand feeling.Adjustable number of layers,design for DIY.

Biscuit Slider

  • Clown Orange

39 x 24.6 x 15mm


Blasted SS: 93.4g
Blasted titanium: 59.6g