Battle Master 1.1

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Version: Battle Master 1.1
Material: Dark-Gray SS Mainbody (Version 1.1)
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Battle Master Slider, Ordnance Series, design for Mr.Wang

About the Battle Master 1.1

  • The Battle Master is designed by Mr.Wang,belongs to Ordnance Series.The appearance of it likes the gun,looks very cool.
  • The Battle Master Slider installs the pillar to start springback.Pulling the slider lightly to experience the thrill of loading the rounds.
  • The magnets inside are installed without glue,no worry about the magnets falling off.

Battle Master 1.1

  • Mr. Wang

Battle Master 1.1: 57 x 22 x 28mm


Blasted PEI: 32g
Dark-gray Stainless Steel Set: 199g
Blackened Stainless Steel Set: 199g