Bad Butterfly 1.0

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Material: Distressed Copper
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Bad Guy, Bad Butterfly 1.0, Fidget Spinner

About the Bad Butterfly 1.0

  • The bad butterfly 1.0 is designed by Bad Guy Studio.At the first sight of this,you may think of a bowknot tie,giving a gentleman’s feeling.
  • Classic two-leaf fidget spinner,adopting short axis design to have stronger stability.Having exquisite sound Long-lasting rotation.
  • The soft lines collide with the metallic texture to create a different experience and good hand feeling.
  • ‘Step’ Spinner buttons.Anti-slip lines and sunken design.Radian fit and moderate thickness to bring comfortable experience.

Bad Butterfly 1.0

  • Bad Guy

51 x 30 x 15.9mm


PEI: 20.2g
Polished Zr: 82.5g
Blasted Zr: 89.1g
Stainless Steel:105.5g