Ancient Iron

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Material: Polished Stainless Steel
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T-MAX, Ancient Iron, Fidget Spinner, Linkage Spinner

About the Ancient Iron

  • The Ancient Iron is designed by T-MAX,it is not only an linkage spinner,also can open the plates.
  • Different from the traditional bearing frction linkage,the inner rotor conducts power through 5mm beads to produce linkage effect with the outer rotor.
  • The limit column is strongly supported to ensure the structure is strong and stable.The ‘slope’ design ensures smooth and not tired when plucking at it for a long time.
  • Metal taxture,wonderful warp!The plates can install 1.5 x 6 tritium tubes and the bottom of the plates can fill the glow-in-the-dark material.It will offer more possibilities for DIY.

Ancient Iron

  • T-MAX

55 x 28mm (closed)


Stainless Steel: 218g
Titanium: 126g