Amiable Milk Cap

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Material: Teapot (Stainless Steel/Zirconium)
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MUYI, Amiable Milk Cap, Haptic Coin

About the Amiable Milk Cap

  • The Amiable Milk Cap is designed by MUYI and ACEdc. It’s a Chinese style haptic coin.
  • Form A Literary Circle. The collision of Chinese traditional culture and magnetic decompression toys.
  • The front is an element of traditional Chinese artifacts. On the back is an exclusive logo.
  • Classical haptic coin structure. 6-fixed magnets and a levitating magnet. Using roller bearing design.

Amiable Milk Cap

  • MUYI
  • ACEdc

Φ36.5 x 10mm


Stainless Steel/Copper + copper chopsticks:62g