AA-6 EDC Portable Pouch

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Material: AA-6 Velcro: Cu
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LAUTIE EDC, AA-6 EDC Portable Pouch

About the AA-6 EDC Portable Pouch

  • Dedicated EDC Item Storage Pouch: This portable pouch is compact and equipped with 2 short insertion pockets and 3 elastic bands inside, designed to secure your EDC items, ensuring proper protection for each one.
  • Customizable Options: The front of the pouch features a large panel for Velcros, allowing you to customize it with Velcros according to your preferences. Furthermore, you can pair the zipper pull cord of this portable pouch with the newly released LAUTIE Amber Capacity Pendant in PEI material to create your personalized EDC pouch.
  • Exclusive Velcros: We have designed four exclusive Velcros for this EDC pouch, including a triangular velcro, Cu symbol velcro, Fe symbol velcro, and “铁(Fe)” character velcro.

AA-6 EDC Portable Pouch