01EDC Slider

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Type: 01 Slider Mechanical Version
Material: 07 PEEK common slider/Minimalistic
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01 Slider, ZERO ONE EDC, 01EDC, Fidget Slider

About the 01EDC Slider

  • Bidirectional Sliding.01 Slider can be pushed in both upper and lower directions.Up to 12 click with continuous pushing.
  • No worry about disintegration.Increased screws newly to lock the limit post.
  • Double-layer concave clip design.When you push it brings you better hand feeling.
  • The shells and inners can be replaced to create your own 01 Slider.

01EDC Slider

  • 01EDC

45 x 25 x 13.5mm


Stainless steel: 102.1g
Titanium: 84.3g
Zirconium: 95.1g
Starry Night Zirconium: 85.4g