Pig Ring (Black diamond)

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Material: Zirconium
Size: size#16
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YEDC, Pig Ring (Black diamond), Ratchet Ring, Fidget Slider

About the Pig Ring (Black diamond)

  • The Pig Ring is designed by YEDC. The main material is zirconium. Matching the cross section surface design to achieve the wearable EDC toys.
  • This version has the same internal structure as the damasteel version.
  • This can only be ratcheted in one direction and don’t have beads in it.

Pig Ring (Black diamond)

  • YEDC

Size #16: inner perimeter:56mm, inner diameter:17.8mm
Size #18: inner perimeter:58mm, inner diameter:18.5mm
Size #20: inner perimeter:60mm, inner diameter:19.1mm
Size #22: inner perimeter:62mm, inner diameter:19.7mm
Size #24: inner perimeter:64mm, inner diameter:20.4mm
Size #26: inner perimeter:66mm, inner diameter:21mm
Size #28: inner perimeter:68mm, inner diameter:21.7mm