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Material: Stainless Steel (Ships on July 25th)
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MOT, MIX, Fidget Slider

About the MIX

  • The MIX is designed by MOT.With the structure of the MIX, we have retained the Groove Slider straight push and moved the rotation function to the added third layer.
  • In addition to its playing methods, the highlight of MIX Slider is that it can be combined with our previous Groove Slider to form two other forms. The triple structure doubles the straight pushing process.
  • This MIX optimizes the sliding module as well as the track design for a better feel in the hand. The newly designed internal structure of the third layer allows for multiple hand feeling of ratchet mode.


  • MOT

50 x 31 x 14mm


Stainless Steel: 98g
Zirconium: 82g