Yin-Yang Pisces

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Material: Distress Cupronickel
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Triangulation, Yin-Yang Pisces, Fidget Spinner

About the Yin-Yang Pisces

  • The Yin-Yang Pisces uses national dynasty elements and retro design.One side has a double fish pattern,the other has Bagua pattern.It has Bagua patterns around the side.
  • Design Concept:The pattern is called Yin-Yang symbol.It comes from Taoism,a reglion born in China.Ancient Chinese believe that everything in the world has two sides.(i.e.,Ying side and Yang side)
  • This one not only has exquisite engraving,but also has a good hand feeling.Can be regarded as a basic fidget spinner.

Yin-Yang Pisces

  • Triangulation

Φ30mm x 11mm


Cupronickel: 45.7g