Yellow Croaker

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Type: Accessories
Material: Bright plate-purple (Without main body)
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Even EDC, Yellow Croaker, Fidget Slider

About the Yellow Croaker

  • The Yellow Croaker is designed by Even EDC. This is a mechanical fidget slider.
  • This product uses PEI material, due to this material so as to avoid the screw structure and slipping, this way is also more conducive to disassemble and play.
  • When you push it, having clear feedback. There are four different appearances for you to choose from, also design the tritium one, you can install luminous or tritium tubes in it, looks pretty cool.

Yellow Croaker

  • Even EDC

55 x 20 x 13.1mm


PEI: 18.6g

Tritium slot

2 x 12mm 5pcs (Tritium tubes edition)