T3 Slider

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Material: PEI (Stainless Steel inner plate)
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T3 Slider, magnetic slider, design for Magic Play EDC

About the T3 Slider

  • Appearance.The appearance of it looks very powerful and uses minimalist design,simple without loss of beauty.
  • You can get multiple hand feeling feedback by changing the internal magnet position as well as the positive and negative magnets.
  • Minimalist design. T3 Slider, which is smaller and thinner than other sliders. The internal limit hollowing makes it lighter.

T3 Slider

  • Magic Play

45 x 28 x 11.3mm


Stainless Steel: 55g
Titanium: 35g
PEI: 28g
Zirconium: 45g
Zircuti: 45g