Slider-Feeling White Butterfly

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Material: Stainless Steel/Mother of Pearl
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01 EDC, Slider-Feeling White Butterfly, Fidget Slider

About the Slider-Feeling White Butterfly

  • The front and back of the slider are inlaid with the finest natural white mother-of-pearl plates.The mother-of-pearl patch is engraved with a dragon pattern.It also enhances the adhesion of the fingertips when pushing.
  • Mechanical structure.Open and close a total of 16 times fingertip high-frequency vibration feedback.The sound is crispy.Using Teflon middle plate inside to enhance the vibration and sound feedback!Each product has been carefully adjusted.
  • In addition, the mother-of-pearl plate on this slider can be take it apart and put on any 01 EDC Slider No.10.This gives more room for DIY!

Slider-Feeling White Butterfly

  • 01EDC

Stainless Steel: 67.1g