Schrödinger’s Cat

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Material: Cupronickel+Mokuti (Ships on August 26)
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EA EDC, Schrödinger’s Cat, Fidget Slider

About the Schrödinger’s Cat

  • The Schrödinger’s Cat is designed by EA EDC. The name comes from a famous thought experiment proposed by an Austrian physicist, and it's very graphic for this slider!
  • Schrödinger's Cat adopts double mechanical track + single row magnetic suction design, the first three-pronged three-dimensional relief plates bring a completely different tactile and visual experience, every push is the ultimate enjoyment!
  • With 4 additional spring holes inside, players are free to diy almost any straight slider playing methods according to their personal preference.

Schrödinger’s Cat

  • EA EDC

50 x 25 x 15mm


PEI: 24g
Cupronickel: 103g