Samsara 2.0

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Material: Aluminum+Brass
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GD EDC, Samsara 2.0, Fidget Slider

About the Samsara 2.0

  • This is a magnetic fidget slider with a ball limit.The notches on the front are ergonomically designed for easy thumb pressure to push the force.The rotating step texture on the circumference also provides a comfortable trajectory for playing with it.
  • Adopting top,middle and bottom three-layer structure,the middle layer contour shrinks inward and adds small chamfers to avoid pinching and enhance the playing experience.
  • DIY space.Single-side can install without glue,changing the clicks by the number of beads,through the configuration of the gasket to determine the size and feel of the sound.

Samsara 2.0

  • GD EDC

46 x 27 x 13mm


Stainless Steel: 83g
Titanium: 54g