Planet Lanyard Bead

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Material: Superconductor
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42.COSMO, Planet Lanyard Bead, Pendant

About the Planet Lanyard Bead

  • The Planet Lanyard Bead is designed by 42.COSMO. It looks like the planet,hence for the name.
  • The delicate and compact design of the Planet Lanyard Bead allows it to serve as a decorative accessory for various personal items. You can use it as a necklace, knife pendant, backpack ornament, keychain, and more…
  • This is one of the finest knife pendants in China at present.It also can spin like the mini spinner.
  • There are three styles can be chosen.You can choose what you like to match with the paracord.

Planet Lanyard Bead

  • 42.COSMO

Φ24.6 x 18.6mm


Stainless Steel: 28g
Superconductor: 26g
Mokume: 30g