One-Eyed Skeleton Lanyard Bead

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Material: Distress Cupronickel
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LY EDC, One-Eyed Skeleton Lanyard Bead,Pendants

About the One-Eyed Skeleton Lanyard Bead

  • The One-Eyed Skeleton Bead is designed by LY EDC. ‘A one-eyed view of the world, able to see the world at a glance.’
  • Exquisite workmanship.The Skeleton bead is carefully carved out in every detail.This craft is handmade by casting process, can’t avoid the appearance of slight sand holes, handmade traces and other defects.
  • Snatched appearance, riotous style, one-of-a-kind handcrafted.It’s very cool when you use it as a bag pendant or others.
  • The materials used are all made of unplated metal, which is highly susceptible to oxidation, and uneven oxidation may occur during use. Copper material in the casting process may appear red and white uneven situation.

One-Eyed Skeleton Lanyard Bead

  • LY EDC

25 x 17 x 24mm