Iron Heart

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Material: Blasted Stainless Steel
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No.33, Iron Heart, Fidget Spinner

About the Iron Heart

  • The Iron Heart is designed by No.33 EDC. This is a linkage spinner.Different materials will bring different hand feelings and feedback.
  • There are three playing methods.After rotating, keep holding the inner ring, there will be strong vibration feedback due to the heavier outer main body.
  • Turn the inner main body first, then hold the spinner buttons and reverse the outer main body, or hold the outer main body and fluctuate the inner main body alone.
  • Stack two or more spinners on top of each other. Spin one of the spinners will drive other spinners to spin.

Iron Heart

  • No.33

Φ58.7 x 15mm


Stainless Steel: 101g
Titanium: 64g
Zirconium: 84g