Guard Tower

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Material: Titanium
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Proxy EDC, Guard Tower, Fidget Slider

About the Guard Tower

  • The Guard Tower is designed by Proxy EDC.It shows the visual effect of Cyber armor and future industrial style. The surface treatment is also through many attempts, in the premise of retaining the metal texture, to achieve a kind of vicissitude of the waste land delicate visual and tactile.
  • In terms of construction and ingredients, we have also made several adjustments and optimizations for the metal to enhance the best resonance of the slider feel and tuning fork reverberation.
  • The Guard Tower comes with a custom 4500 gauss gold magnet as a replacement piece, providing DIY room for players who prefer a more intense impact feel.

Guard Tower

  • Proxy EDC

61.9 x 30 x 16.9mm


Titanium: 109g
Zirconium: 140g