Gorilla 1.0

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Material: Brass
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RUISHA, Gorilla 1.0, Tabletop Decoration

About the Gorilla 1.0

  • The Gorilla 1.0 is designed by RUISHA. The appearance looks like the gorilla and full of power, hence for the name.
  • This is a desktop ornament, the whole assembled from six parts. The body can move slightly, having magnets in the feet, can put the knife on it.
  • It can install 17 tritium tubes totally and come with luminous resin tubes.

Gorilla 1.0


80 x 57mm


Titanium: 303g
Brass: 500g

Tritium slot

1.5 x 6mm 2pcs
2 x 12mm 13pcs
3 x 22.5mm 2pcs