Bad Butterfly 2.0

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Type: Bad Butterfly 2.0
Material: Distressed Copper
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Bad Guy, Bad Butterfly 2.0, Fidget Spinner

About the Bad Butterfly 2.0

  • The Bad Butterfly 2.0 is designed by Bad Guy Studio,it’s an updated version from Bad Butterfly1.0.
  • Attractive curved design and smooth surface treatment can let you play it better.
  • There are different materials for you to choose from,and matches with steel beads,when you spin it,it will make a clear sound.

Bad Butterfly 2.0

  • Bad Guy

68.8 x 34.3mm


Copper: 117.9g
Titanium: 60.8g
PC: 16.4g
Zirconium: 89.1g
Mokume: 113.8g
Zircuti: 70.6g