Portable Storage Box

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Type: Storage Box
color: Black-small storage box
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About the Portable Storage Box

  • High Compatibility: This portable storage box can not only be used to store and organize your EDC items but also to store other precious and delicate items.
  • High Protection: Excellent protective design allows this storage box to withstand not only drops but also water and dust, keeping your valuable items safe from accidental damage and maintaining a near-new condition.
  • Internal Grid Sponge: The interior is equipped with cushioning sponge pads to prevent bumps and can be cut to customize the sponge shape according to your needs.
  • Lightweight: Made of ABS fiberglass material, this protective storage box maintains a high level of protection while remaining lightweight, making it highly portable and convenient to carry with you on a daily basis.

Portable Storage Box


155mm x 125mm(outer)
140 x 90 x 38mm(inner)
160mm x 98mm(outer)
135 x 72 x 28mm(inner)


Small storage box: 128g
Big storage box: 212g