Groove Slider

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Material: Blackened Stainless Steel

MOT, Groove Slider, Ratchet Slider

About the Groove Slider

  • Groove Slider is derived from Rhythm Slider and it is the first double-layer mechanical slider that combines pushing and rotation playing method.
  • Combining beauty and hand feeling.It has note and peach heart patterns.The combination of bearings and Teflon track ensures the smoothness of the hand feeling.
  • It has the unique 4-spring linkage grooves of the Groove Slider,making it plays with obvious feedback.The first damping groove structure can be matched with different materials of beads and springs.
  • In a pushing and rotating back and forth, the heartbeat accelerates with the rhythm, brings a magical mechanical sound, likes’dadada’,same as ratchet mode.

Groove Slider

  • MOT

50mm x 31mm x 10.2mm